Hire Equipment

At FreightNg.com, it is not just about equipment hire, we offer a one-stop seamless solution to customers willing to hire any equipment in any part of the country.

a. Cooling
b. Heating
c. Drying
d. Humidification
e. Unico range

a. Formwork
b. Formwork and Falsework
c. Falsework
d. Beam and Non-Technical
e. Formwork and HD Propping
f. HD Propping
g. Formwork and Edge Protection
h. Formwork and Non-Technical
i. Groundwork
j. Groundwork & Non-Technical

a. Passenger and Goods Hoist
b. Goods only Hoist
c. Bespoke Hoist
d. Beam Hoist
e. Accessories

a. Hoisting
b. Winching
c. Jacking
d. General Tackle
e. Material Handling
f. Height Safety and Confined Space
g. Load Measurement
h. Crane Hire

a. Air Tools
b. Compressors
c. Loaders
d. Forklifts, Teletruks and Telehandlers
e. Stage IIIB/Tier4 Compliant Telehandlers
f. Excavators
g. Dumpers
h. Heavy Duty Compaction
i. Rollers
j. Water/Fuel Storage
k. Plant Transport

a. Scissor Lift and Booms

a. Generator Hire
b. Emergency Power
c. Hybrid Power
d. Volt Safe

a. Pumps
b. Water Drainage
c. Pipework

a. Airborne Surveying
b. Levels
c. Lasers
d. Total Stations
e. GNSS?GPS Systems
f. Laser Scanning
g. Leica Captivate
h. GIS Asset Collection
i. Theodolites
j. Software

a. Dust Extraction
b. Drilling, Breaking and Fixing
c. Cutting, Grinding and Chiselling
d. Sanding and Sawing
e. Concreting and Compaction
f. Surface Preparation
g. Climate Control – Heating
h. Climate Control – Cooling
i. Cleaning and Floorcare
j. Painting and Decorating
k. Temporary Fencing
l. Gardening and Landscaping
m. General Building

a. Traffic Light and Pedestrian Crossings
b. Pedestrian and Vehicle Crossings
c. Signage
d. Cones and Barriers

a. Trakway b. Barriers and Fencing c. Bridges and Pontoons

a. Large Diameter Butt Fusion
b. Auto Butt Fusion and Debeaders
c. Tin 12 Generators and Welding Shelters
d. Electro-Fusion Boxes
e. Pipe End Preparation, Tools and Clamps
f. Cable Winches
g. Coiled Pipe Trailers
h. Suction Excavation
i. Moling Equipment
j. Over Head Line Equipment
k. Underground Cabling Equipment
l. Pushing Machines and Pipe Handlers
m. Cable and Pipe Locators
n. Pipe Cutting Equipment
o. Gas Detection and Breathing Apparatus
p. Pipe Bursting Rigs
q. Gas and Water Drilling Equipment
r. All-Terrain Vehicles
s. Squeeze Off Equipment
t. Instrumentation
u. McElroy Accessories