Rail Freight

In light of our mantra to offer time-saving, super-efficient and cost saving service, our rail freight system provides individuals and organisations a reliable and safe platform to get goods to their destination points in real time and cut down on transportation cost. Our enhanced transport management system makes it easy for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to make reservations for a rail service at their fingertips. At FreightNg.com, we provide an integrated system that aligns all channels of transportation.

+ Hopper wagon
+ Closed wagon
+ Side dump wagon
+ High side wagon
+ Freight wagon
+ Tank wagon
+ Flat wagon
+ Container platform


+ Parcel/documents
+ Cartons/crates
+ Pallet(120cm X 120cm)
+ Pallet(120cmX100cm)
+ Pallet(other)
+ Unpackaged
+ Cylinders
+ Drums
+ Tubes/Pipes